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Email marketing

Email marketing is a direct marketing tool through which you can advertise a product through commercial message to a group of people by using email. In its widest sense, every email sent to a prospective or existing client could be measured email marketing. It usually includes using email to send advertisements, demand business, or request sales or assistance, and is meant to construct reliability, trust, or brand responsiveness. Email marketing can be prepared to either sold lists or an existing client record. Generally, the term is frequently used to refer to sending email messages with the idea of enhancing the association of a vendor with its current or prior customers, to support customer trustworthiness and replicate business, attaining new customers or persuasive current customers to purchase something instantly, and adding promotions to email messages sent by other major companies to their clients.

At BrandBiggie, we perform following types of email marketing

Transactional emails:

Transactional emails are typically triggered based on a client's achievement with a company. To be capable as transactional or association messages, these communications' main purpose must be "to assist, complete, or validate a commercial dealings that the recipient has previously settled to enter into with the sender", along with a few other narrow descriptions of transactional messaging

Direct emails:

Direct email or interruption based marketing consists sending an email exclusively to communicate a promotional message. Companies frequently assemble a list of consumer or vision email addresses to send direct promotional messages to, or they can also lease a catalogue of email addresses from various service companies.

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