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Media Planning and Media Buying

Brandbiggie is accountable for planning and buying marketing media for some of the world's major companies.

Media Planning:

The first thing we do using a blend of high-class research techniques, deep understanding and analysis, is to resolve with our customers who their most expected, or most required, customers are. We are then capable to conclude which media these potential clienteles see, read, hear or connect with the most. This is the media planning of an entire campaign; we 'plan' marketing campaigns that reach projected audiences, with the least amount of wastage. After this preliminary planning stage, we then work along with creative agencies, which actually make the creative advertisements. It is our accountability to get the ads on to the various mediums like television screens and radio, in to the press and cinemas, on to billboards and poster websites, and the most important online.

This is what we call media buying.

Media Buying:

At the time of buying stage, the company bargains the best feasible prices with print or electronic media owners of various mediums such as television and radio stations, magazine publishers and various renowned website owners for the space or airtime. Because the company is one of the major media buying agencies in the country, we are competent to buy media at an extremely reasonable price. Even so, we are always looking for ground-breaking ways to decrease costs further and raise the efficacy of marketing - whether on screen, outdoors or online. Our patrons gets advantage from the company being part of other associates, the largest electronic and print media asset management group. This gives us supreme negotiation power when buying media on behalf of our customers.

This is one of the most important stages in the world of advertising. So, before choose your media planner, think about it properly.

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